India ink on paper
66# 12 x 8 cm
December 2012 – August 2017

Il est dit qu’en des temps immémoriaux
Le Ciel écrasait en tous points la Terre,
Reléguant ses habitants dans les tréfonds.
Il est dit que mue d’ennui, de compassion, ou d’amour,
Cette dernière monta une armée de tranquilles géants,
Qui soulevèrent de leur multiples bras puissants
La lourde voûte des cieux, créant ainsi le monde des animaux…
Le ciel menace toujours et constamment de s’effondrer,
Mais l’armée des géants veille…

It is said that in times immemorial
Heaven crushed the Earth in every way,
Relegating its inhabitants to the depths.
It is said that moved by boredom, compassion, or love,
The latter mounted an army of quiet giants,
Who lifted with their many powerful arms
The heavy vault of the heavens, thus creating the world of animals.
The sky always and constantly threatens to collapse,
But the army of giants is watching…

Army is a theoretically never-ending project. The drawings do not stand alone, but are always associated with the others.
Here, there are 36. Each time a drawing is produced it enlarges the group.