About fr

Stefano Alaimo is a visual artist born in 1984.

The practice of drawing, which he developed while studying graphic design, has become central to his artistic approach. He mainly creates large-format drawings with India ink and a myriad of details. From a Franco-Italian family, Stefano Alaimo was raised in Madagascar until the age of 15. He draws his inspiration mainly from Malagasy crafts, East End art, Byzantine figuration and baroque European architecture.

The spirit behind Stefano Alaimo’s drawings is an attempt to attain the cold objectivity of scientific illustration. He chooses black and white because it is cold, emotionless. The perpetually frontal point of view and the object’s flat appearance are chosen for the same reason.

His trees recall botanical diagrams; his bodies look like something out of a treatise on anatomy. The artist tries to keep his emotions at a distance. Sheets of paper become screens he can lock away demons behind. They are memories of overwhelming beauty, petrifying horror, or disturbing fantasies.
And yet these attempts always fail: the drawings are crawling, seething, the paper filled to overflowing.

Stefano Alaimo is also interested in digital art (video, interactivity).

Installation vidéo (projection sur sculpture
en collaboration avec Andreea Talpeanu)
Lunettes de Nuit festival, commissaire : Aurore Bagarry, Paris

Prise de vue, montage et post-production
du teaser pour Le Tabernacle de Misha Capnist
Le Gauche webzine, Paris

Artiste vidéo et captation pour The Catcher in the Rye mise en scène de Pauline Beaulieu

Exposition personnelle (dessin)
Galerie Clara Scremini, Paris

Exposition collective (dessin)
Salon Mac 2000 (invité),
commissaires : Didier Bourdin et Louis Douce, Paris

Collective exhibition (dessin)
Biennale Brie-Comte-Robert,
commissaire : Isabelle Malaquin, Brie-Comte-Robert

Résidence artistique
59 rue de Rivoli, Paris

Concéption, production et coordination
pour le projet Movember (installation monumentale)
59 rue de Rivoli, Paris

Exposition personnelle collaboration
with psychology center ORME
Centre Orme, commissaire : Maria Antonietta Avanzolini, Rome

Exposition personnelle,
Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris

Exposition collective
6e salon d’art contemporain, St Germain en Laye

Exposition collective
Point Flottants, 59 rue de Rivoli gallerie, commi par Wen Xiong, Paris

Exposition collective, Madagasy’Art,
commissaire : D. Hardy dit Suisse Marocain, Galerie 59 Rivoli Paris

Conception, production et coordination
d’une installation pour les 15 ans du 59 Rivoli
Petit Bain club, Paris

Exposition collective, Madagasy’Art,
Galerie 59 Rivoli, Paris

Feu de Brousse : exposition collective,
Goethe Institut of Antananarivo,
commissaire :  Stefano Alaimo, Antananarivo
Analakely – La petite forêt : performance de rue Analakely, Antananarivo

Exposition personnelle,
Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris

Exposition collective
Galerie Kai Dikhas, curaté par Moritz Pankok Berlin

Exposition personnelle,
Mairie de Trouville, commissaire : Dominique Wallard,Trouville-sur-Mer (France) Travail de commande

Réalisation de deux grands formats pour collection privée