Madagasy’Art 2015

Endless aloalo, India Ink on Rice Paper, 2500 x 60 cm, October 2013

Collective exhibition in June 2015 at 59 Rivoli, along with David Hardy dit Suisse Marocain, David Weiss, Pierrot Men, DODA, Flavio Tarquinio … within the yearly event dedicated to Madagascar.

59 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris

“Aloalo” is the vernacular name for funerary totem poles placed on the tombs of the Mahafaly, an ethnic group indigenous to southwestern Madagascar. Aloalos are actually wooden columns, between one and two meters high. Here, the “infinite Aloalo” is painted on rice paper, with Chinese ink and a brush.
Though it is not actually infinite, its 25-meter length reaches for that goal, the sky.

The installation takes place within the 5th edition of the annual exhibition Madagasy’Art.

Many thanks to 59 Rivoli, particularly to Suisse Marocain and Gaspard Delanoë, for the space and the great help.