Chloritoschist chessboard, 23 x 23 x 3,5 cm, 32 tree-pawns, various woods, between 3,5 and 8 cm heigh ( 2017 – 2019 )

Wandering throughout the alleys of an artisan market of Antananarivo, I came across a very beautiful stone chessboard. The object inspired me, I wanted make something out of it … in the end it became the piece called “Lemuria”. It’s an object that is in fact ready-made, but also halfway between the artwork and the customizable object. Being unable to sculpt myself I set out to find a craftsman capable of making the final object.

I gave copies of technical drawings to several craftsmen, looking for the most talented. I started this process in August 2012 with a technical drawing. Since 2012 I came to contact several craftsmen with whom the collaboration was more or less fruitful. It was on January 28, 2017 that I met Jean-Claude in Fianarantsoa. I left him a copy of a sketch. Of the twelve pawns shown in the drawing, six had to be done as a test.
Satisfied with his work, I left him another drawings (see hereafter) with 12 different pawns and asked him to make me two copies of each. Having to return to Europe and unable to stay there, we would collaborate by e-mail. The work would be done remotely, payments by international transfer. After 14 months all the parts were ready.